• Kevin Jack

    8th Grade U.S. History/ Coach


    Room: 603



    Welcome 8th Graders, this year we will be discussing the first half of the history of the United States from European Exploration through Reconstruction following the Civil War. Within our content we will also focus on the creation and function of our national government.


    Tutorial Schedule: Tuesdays, 4:10- 5:00, Room 109

    Teacher Schedule:  1st Period: 7th Grade Boy's Athletics

                                    2nd Period: U.S. History

                                    3rd Period: Conference

                                    4th Period: Grade Level Planning

                                    5th Period: U.S. History

                                    6th Period: U.S. History

                                    7th Period: U.S. History

                                    8th Period: 8th Grade Boy's Athletics



Coach Jack