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    For the week of May 18-22, there will not be a new RELA assignment posted in Google Classroom. However, it is not too late to submit prior assignments for full credit. Please refer to my email. 

    The TMS homepage has a video to show you how to access Google Classroom from home, in case you’ve forgotten.  Once in Google Classroom, you should see your RELA class period.  Click on that and look for assignments in the classwork tab. I have an optional Zoom meeting for Tuesday at 10:00am for a RELA tutorial session. Please be aware that all Zoom meetings are recorded.  Zoom meeting IDs, as well as any previously recorded Zoom meetings, are found within Google Classroom. 

    I will send out Remind messages with updates as needed. Please make sure you have signed up for my RELA Remind using one of the codes below.


    Google Classroom codes:

    1st period- qqkrwe6

    2nd period- ubqznfa

    3rd period- whdf346

    4th period- tr243i7

    6th period- as2jmam

    7th period- oo2n3jq


    Please join Remind for my RELA by texting one of the following codes to 81010:

    Periods 1, 2, and 3, use the message @d2gh7h

    Periods 4, 6, and 7, use the message @kb99e6



    Karen Adams



    Room# 607

    8th Grade Reading & English Language Arts (RELA) and STEAM

    I'm available for tutorials Wednesday afternoons from 4:05-5:00pm or mornings 7:45-8:25 by appointment.  

    Teacher Schedule:

    1st period: OL RELA

    2nd period: OL RELA

    3rd period: OL RELA

    4th period: STEAM RELA

    5th period: conference period

    6th period: STEAM RELA

    7th period: STEAM RELA


     19-20 Bell Schedule

     19-20 Calendar



Mrs. Adams