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    Hey there!  Welcome to Mrs. Adams' RELA 8!

    Everything you need for our class can be found in Schoology. 

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    For additional help, please visit this parent help page.



    While we will be working asynchronously (on your own time) during the first few weeks of school, I will be available for students at the following times:

    Tuesdays and Thursdays                     Wednesdays and Fridays

      1st period:  8am-9am                                                2nd period:  8am-9am

      3rd period:  9am-10am                                              4th period:  9am-10am

      5th period:  10am-11am                                             6th period:  10am-11am




    I will also have optional Zoom meetings as a RELA tutorial session. Links will be sent out weekly. Please be aware that all Zoom meetings are recorded.  Zoom meeting IDs, as well as any previously recorded Zoom meetings, are found within Google Classroom/Schoology. 


    Remind 101

    I will send out Remind messages with updates as needed. Please sign up for my RELA Remind for your class by using one of the links below.

    STEM RELA (1, 4, 5)

    PreAP RELA (2,3,6)





    Teancher Info:

    Karen Adams, EdS



    Room# 607

    8th Grade Reading & English Language Arts (RELA) and STEM



    Teacher Schedule: 

    1st Period: STEM RELA

    2nd Period: PreAP RELA

    3rd Period: PreAP RELA

    4th Period: STEM RELA

    5th Period: STEM RELA

    6th Period: PreAP RELA

    7th Period: Confernce Period

     I'm available for tutorials mornings 7:45-8:25 by appointment.  




Mrs. Adams