• Welcome AHS family! 

     Make sure to check on files and uploads for the latest class assignments.

    These documents will be given in class, but will also be availble in Schoology. 

    If you are a virtual student then all assignments will be mentioned and available through Schoology. 

    Types of information that will be found in Schoology:

    Class work, syllabus, homework, study guides, test reviews, notes, writing assignments, discussion boards, and other items given in class/virtually.

    Schoology is a resource that your students will be given access to on the first week of school and will continue to be an asset that is utilized throughout the year. 


    Amy (Hill) Price  

Schedule & Tutoring

  • Tutoring Schedule

    Through Zoom on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday from 11:15- 11:45 AM. 

    I will also be available for Zoom tutorial on Tuesday and Wednesday from 3:00 -3:30 PM. 

    These links will be given in Schoology. 

    NOTE: Tutoring by appointment is available upon request. 

    Class Schedule for AHS On-Campus: 

     3rd - English IV 

    4th - English IV 

    6th - Conference 

    Class Schedule for Virtual: 

    V1 - This course is student self-paced. Students will be given assignments and lessons online and will be expected to login every day for attendance and to work on assignments. 



    All assignments, updates, announcments, homeowrk, etc will be done through Schoology. 



Ms. Hill

Amy (Hill) Price

  • ahill@humbleisd.net 
    Blue House 2, Room 2605

Classroom Expectations

  • 1. Be on time

    2. Be present 

    3. Be a self-advocate

    4. Be prepared 

    5. Be happy