Mrs. Stovall

Mrs. Stovall

Teacher Contact Information

  • Pre-AP Biology, IPC

    Room 2614 (Blue House)

    281.641.7631 (Please allow 24 hour response time)


    Remind 101:

    IPC: text @ stovallipc to 81010

    Pre-AP Bio students: text @ahspreap to 81010

    Pre-AP Bio Parents: text @stovallbio to 81010

Teacher Schedule


    1: Conference

    2: IPC

    3: IPC

    4: IPC

    5: Pre-AP Biology

    6: Pre-AP Biology

    7: Pre-AP Biology



Tutoring Schedule

  • Monday and Thursday after school

    (3:00- 3:30 PM)

    Other times available by appointment with at least two days notice

Student Expectations

  • You have the right to a classroom in which you can learn to the best of your ability and you have the responsibility to conduct yourself in a way that contributes to the success of your learning experience. Therefore, students are expected to: 

    • Be Respectful- of the teacher, yourself, your classmates, and the classroom.
    • Be on time and prepared to work
    • Follow class procedures and teacher’s instructions at all times