Ms. Stovall

Kali Stovall

  • Pre-AP Biology, IPC
    Room 2614 (Blue House)
     Class Schedule:
    1- Conference
    2- IPC
    3- IPC
    4- IPC
    5- IPC
    6- Pre-Ap Bio
    7- Pre-AP Bio

    Tutoring: Tuesday and Thursday 3PM (other times by appointment) 

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    Biology- Students: text @ahspreap to 81010;                          Parents: text @stovallbio to 81010

    IPC- text @stovallipc to 81010

  •                CLASS DESCRIPTIONS

    Pre-AP Biology is designed for students who show a high level of aptitude for biology and natural sciences, the course is intended to teach the skills necessary for success in Junior and Senior level Advanced Placement courses. The Pre-AP student should be high-achieving, self-motivated, organized and prepared for every class.  

    Integrated Physics and Chemistry (IPC) is an introduction to both topics and covers concepts such as atomic structure, energy and matter, force and motion/


    You have the right to a classroom in which you can learn to the best of your ability and you have the responsibility to conduct yourself in a way that contributes to the success of your learning experience. Therefore, students are expected to: 

    • Be Respectful- of the teacher, yourself, your classmates, and the classroom.
    • Be on time and prepared to work
    • Follow class procedures and teacher’s instructions at all times