• Mrs. Hutchison

      Mrs. Hutch



    Aquatic Science 



    House: White

    Room: 2315

    Email: christin.hutchison@humbleisd.net




  • Class Schedual:


    1st - 6th Period


    Confrence is 7th period



    All of Mrs. Hutch's classes are Face to Face Learning.


    Schoology will be used for the following:

    1) if the student is absent and they want to see what we may

    have been working on for the day/week.


    2) WAG , which are the lesson plans and activities for the week. This way, if they are absent, they can check to see

    what they may have missed.


    3) if students want to review notes


    4) If students need to turn in a report.  (please do not email me your work, if you are out email me about the absence but do not send work unless I ask for it.


    Schoology Is Not For Attendance