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Mike Saxton Graphic Design Teacher

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  • My Class Schedule:


    1st period: Graphic Design and Illustration 1

    3rd period: Graphic Design and Illustration 1


    4th period: Advanced Graphic Design & Practicum

    5th period: Advanced Graphic Design & Practicum


    6th periods: E-Sports (What is that?)

    7th period: Graphic Design and Illustration 1  


  • Tutoring Schedule:

    Mondays 2:50 p.m. to 3:05 p.m.

    Fridays 7:00 a.m. to 7:15 a.m.

    OR by appointment as needed.

Classroom Expectations

  • Each lesson in a unit or topic builds on the last. If you miss a lesson you will be playing catch-up. Following these guidelines will help you to learn the skills needed to be a good designer, and hopefully have fun doing it.

    1. Kindness above all else!
    2. Be on time and ready for class.
      • If the door is shut, you need a pass to enter.
    3. Phones and headphones must be put away as soon as the bell rings. (Participate!)
    4. Use the computer for class purposes ONLY.
    5. Participate!
      • Be productive and diligent. As designers, we work at differing paces and with differing levels of ability. Participation is a large part of your grade (up to 40%).
    6. Written assignments should have correct spelling, grammar, and follow MLA format.
    7. Before you speak, THINK
      • T - is it True?
      • H - is it Helpful?
      • I - is it Inspiring?
      • N - is it Necessary?
      • K - is it Kind?
    8. Be respectful of yourself, others and property.
      • If it’s not kind, don’t say it!
      • If it’s not yours, don’t touch it!
      • If others are trying to work, leave them alone!
    9. There shall be no Snapchatting, TikTok, text messaging or other phone stuff during class. You may choose to create or meditate, but NO PHONES DURING CLASS (without permission)!
      • Even if it is your mommy and daddy! They are supposed to call the front office, to avoid disrupting class.
      • If you MUST answer/make a call, politely ask Mr. Saxton then step into the hall.
      • Phone usage in class will directly affect your participation grade in a negative way (up to 40%).
    10. No food or drink unless approved by the teacher (Mr. Saxton, only).
    11. The Potty Pass Protocol must be followed or potty privileges will be revoked.
      • NOT in the first or last 10 minutes.
      • ONLY with a pass.
      • Don’t ask while I’m talking.
      • Excessive time in the restroom counts as ODA.
      • Go to the nearest restroom.
    12. There shall be no touching of classmates. Students must keep their hands to themselves.
      • No horse-play
      • No PDA



Assignment Resources

Discipline Expectations

    • Students who choose not to do a project in the appropriate manner will receive a failing grade.
    • Students who violate the Humble ISD Responsible Use Policy will receive a discipline referral.
    • Students entering the classroom with food or drink will be required to throw it away.
    • Respectful behavior is the individual student’s responsibility; therefore, all discipline will be dealt with on an individual basis according to the rules and procedures in the Humble ISD Student Handbook.