Hospitality Services & Practicum in Marketing

  • Practicum in Hospitality Services, 1st-3rd period

    Practicum in Marketing, 5th-7th period

    Flexible tutoring schedule. See Mrs. H for weekly availability. 

    Office Hours: Available during morning conference hour and after lunch via Zoom for Virtual Learners or in-person for Face-to-Face learners. Office hours are subject to change with the District/Campus bell schedule and Zoom link is published on the Course Schoology page. 

    Monday, Tuesday & Friday: 

    10:30am-11:00am / 1:15pm - 1:45pm


Student (In-Class & Online) Expectations

    1. Be Responsible - Accountability is KEY.
    2. Be Present - More than just alive/awake - be ENGAGED.
      • Virtual Learners: 
        • Watch the Recorded Lesson FIRST.
        • Zoom with Mrs. H during tutoring if you need help.
        • Turn your video ON when “interacting” on Zoom with Mrs. H. 
    3. Be Punctual - We start on time, every time.
      • Virtual Learners:
        • Please be logged in 2 minutes prior to the start of your tutoring Zoom to ensure you can connect and that your audio/video both work properly.
        • I will share my screen on occasion. Please make sure you can hear me, see me, and see what I am sharing.
    4. Be Professional - Always present your BEST self. Minimize distractions (put away your phone), use your time wisely, use appropriate language.
      • Virtual Learners attending Zoom tutoring:
        • Use the chat feature to ask questions.
        • Be prepared to answer questions using your audio when directly asked/prompted.
    5. Be Open-Minded - A healthy debate is not a bad thing.
    6. Treat Others With Respect - Actively listen when someone is speaking. Speak kindly to others. 
    7. Follow ALL School Rules - Because it's the RIGHT thing to matter the setting.
      • Virtual Learners:
        • Dress as you would if you were sitting in class with us. Don’t do anything online that you wouldn’t normally do in the classroom.
    8. And most importantly...have some FUN!
Mrs. Hulquist

Mrs. Tiffany Hulquist ("Mrs. H")