Hospitality Services & Practicum in Marketing

  • Practicum in Hospitality Services, 1st-3rd period

    Practicum in Marketing, 5th-7th period

    Flexible tutoring schedule. See Mrs. H for weekly availability. 

    Conference Hour: 4th Period


Student (In-Class & Online) Expectations

    1. Be Responsible - Accountability is KEY.
    2. Be Present - More than just alive/awake - be ENGAGED.
    3. Be Punctual - We start on time, every time.
    4. Be Professional - Always present your BEST self. Minimize distractions (put away your phone), use your time wisely, use appropriate language.
    5. Be Open-Minded - A healthy debate is not a bad thing.
    6. Treat Others With Respect - Actively listen when someone is speaking. Speak kindly to others. 
    7. Follow ALL School Rules - Because it's the RIGHT thing to matter the setting.
    8. And most importantly...have some FUN!
Mrs. Hulquist

Mrs. Tiffany Hulquist ("Mrs. H")