Mrs. Tiffany Hulquist ("Mrs. H")

  • Classroom: 281-641-7759 (rings before/after school ONLY)
    Room T-15 (portable trailers) - ID must be worn at all times, no food/drink allowed

Marketing & Hotel Management: 2018

  • Google Classroom & Remind 101 available for all courses. Please see/email Mrs. H for codes to join.

    • 1st = Social Media Marketing
    • 2nd = Social Media Marketing
    • 3rd = Sports & Entertainment Marketing
    • 4th = Hotel Management
    • 5th = Practicum in Marketing Dynamics
    • 6th = Conference Hour
    • 7th = Practicum Worksite Visits

    Tutoring: Monday-Thursday 6:45am-7:15am or 3-4pm.
    Tutoring can also be requested during Advisory.

Mrs. Hulquist

Classroom Expectations

    • Be Responsible (I will hold you accountable)
    • Be Present (Awake, off your phone, in your seat, ready to learn)
    • Be Punctual (You are tardy after the bell rings and I close the door unless you have a pass - no exceptions)
    • Be Professional (Stay off your phone, stay awake, in your assigned seat, no bad language/cursing)
    • Be Open-Minded (A healthy debate is not a bad thing)
    • Treat Others With Respect (If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all)
    • Follow ALL School Rules (Otherwise, documentation will occur)
    • And most importantly...have some FUN!