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    1 ART I: Beginning

    2 ART I: Beginning

    3 ART I: Beginning

    4 ART III/IV: Drawing III & IV               

    5 Conference Period

    6 ART IV: AP Drawing, AP 2D, AP 3D

    7 ART II,III & IV: Drawing II & Sculpture II,III,&IV


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    Hello Students and Parents!  

    I hope you are all well and safe.  It is hard to wrap our heads around everything that is happening in the world right now, but, I know we are a very strong community and I look forward to navigating together by providing learning opportunities and updating you with announcements through my webpage and Google Classroom.  We will turn in assignments by taking photos of our creations and uploading them to google classroom like we have done in the past for any future assignments.  Students should already be signed up for my google classroom codes.  If your child is not, please log into google classroom and enroll in your class period.    

    **** All Art students need to enroll in your appropriate google classroom****

    1st Period: ART I- Class Code 45aqfpj

    2nd Period: ART I- Class Code alp52v3

    3rd Period: ART I- Class Code 7l6zfts

    4th Period: Drawing 3/4- Class Code jzspy7h

    6th Period: AP 2D, AP Drawing, AP 3D- Class Code jumy7ai

    7th Period: Drawing 2 & Sculpture 2,3 & 4- Class Code nu6memv




    **Week Of 3/30/20- 4/3/20**

    Please refer to the left side bar links on this page for your classes "Weekly Distance Learning Targets". 

    Also, check your Google Classrooms for assignments to upload your work.   



    -ALL STATE VASE STUDENTS:  Unfortunately STATE VASE has been called off at San Marcos High School due to Covid-19. Below is information from State VASE directors.  

    The Texas Art Education Association (TAEA) and Visual Art Scholastic Event (VASE) State Directors have been closely monitoring reports and information shared by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) about the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Guidelines recommended by the CDC of not having mass gatherings of more than 250 people should be adhered to. After much deliberation, looking out for the best interest of students and teachers and following the new CDC guidelines, a decision has been made to not have students and teachers attend the State VASE Event at San Marcos High School on April 25, 2020. 

    What does this mean? 

    1. All state qualifying artwork will be adjudicated electronically. 
    2. For those of you who are new to the State process, judging has always taken place without the student present.
    3. Medals will be awarded to State Medalists/Rating 4 entries.
    4. Medals will be awarded to Gold Seal artwork.
    5. Gold Seal artwork will travel and be showcased in exhibitions starting this summer. 

     -AP Art Portfolio Requirements have changed.  In short they have extended the deadline

      for portfolio submissions and decreased the requirement number of artworks for each section.

      Please refer to the AP College website for further information.  

    Questions you may be asking yourselves: 


    What does this art class or future assignments look like? 

    My goal for your future enrichment assignments will be self evolved.  I will simply give you ideas and what you do with it is COMPLETELY up to YOU!  So if it causes you or your parents stress, then simply change your idea to what you desire and works best for you and your family.  I want you to be spending this time to work on self growth and being creative to find your passion.  So if that is to be a professional artist, then hone on your drawing skills and techniques through practice.  Make a tik tok of a process drawing from start to finish.  Or ask your parents if there is something around the house that needs to be fixed (only with their permission!).  Figure out how to fix the broken drawer, or the hole in the wall, or how to clean off permanent marker on the wall (like my house everywhere with a 4,3,1 year old).  Need to get a 100 on a "studio" grade?  Take a before and after picture (or create a tik tok yes, again, for you tik tok lovers... or as someone in first period would say, "Tok-tikkers") of a messy room turned to an organized, blissful, feng shui, haven.  HELP YOUR PARENTS CLEAN!!! take pictures of you doing that!- perfect studio grade!   Do you have a back yard fence that your parents will let you paint?  Create a beautiful tropical mural so you can escape during these social distancing times.  (I just started one in my back yard and I am loving it! My girls are having fun painting it too.)  Parents aren't crazy about you painting the fence? Collect rocks and paint them and place them all together to make a zen garden!  Art is good for the soul.  Express yourself to help yourself heal from all the anxiety that this time brings.  Focus on the joy you have creating anything.  Feel good and proud about creating the messiest, rushed, ugliest, piece of artwork you have ever made- that my dears is expressionist and healthy for you.  Hold up that ugly piece of art and laugh at how horrible it is and then create it again and again.  I want you to create and be creative.  You can use your phone, but I also want you to balance out your time WITHOUT screen time.  (A few faces popped up in my head from a couple of classes! lol) Take your brain away from the buzz of screen light... allow your mind to focus on simplicity without being "BORED". However phones are a great tool for art as well I know.  So if you desire to make a video of the awesome art monster you created to startle your siblings then so be it.  As long as your creating and having fun, and inspiring others to create- THAT is what is important.  Find joy in the simple gifts, such as staring at a tree glistening in the sun, during times of chaos and uncertainty.  That 'glisten' may spark an idea in your amazing brains that will inspire you and motivate you for your next creation. 




    Do something this week that relaxes you.  Allow your body to be calm and breath.  Meditate and reflect on how relaxed your body feels.  Think about how great it is to be alive.  and breath deeply, slowly, and calmly for 5 min. a day.  If you can do it for 10 minutes GREAT!  Baby steps.  If you find your mind wondering off and stressing or thinking about the noise in your home, or thinking about that netflix show you were watching, or thinking about the news, or thinking about how overwhelmed with emotion you are, simply redirect your thinking back to your breath.  Breath in 1, breath out 1, Breath in 2, breath out 2, and so forth till you get to 5 and then repeat.  If you want to look up a meditation video to help you relax, great!  Whatever you do to help your self relax is perfect.  Tell your sibling or parents that they should give you a foot massage because it's an art project??? (pushing it a little, but very creative...lol)  Some of our best ideas and creations stem from a completely relaxed and zen state.  No assignments have to be turned in this week.  If you would like to have someone document you practicing meditation or how you relaxed this week awesome!  Please email me pictures and lets see how creative we can get with our relaxing photos!  I would love to share them and post them on here! :)