• Julie Trzecki

    6th Grade CTE Wheel STEM/Coding Innovation Teacher


Mrs. trzecki
  • Students will learn about STEM and Coding through the use of:

    • Ozobots
    • Sphero with Sphero Edu App
    • zSpace
    • Raspberry Pi
    • Code.org

Course Campus Schedule

  • Humble Middle School-August 10 through September 3-Conference: 7th period

    Ross Sterling Middle School-September 7 through October 1-Conference:

    Kingwood Middle School-October 11 through November 5-Conference:

    Creekwood Middle School-November 8 through December 17-Conference:

    Riverwood Middle School-January 4 through February 4-Conference: 

    Woodcreek Middle School-February 14 through March 11-Conference:

    Atascocita Middle School-March 21 through April 22-Conference:

    Timberwood Middle School-April 25 through May 27-Conference:

    *Tutorials available by request.*