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Eat Beef Turkey

Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt

Let's go on a hunt on the Internet for some Thanksgiving history and fun!

  1. Using the links below, complete your Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt!
  2. The links will open in a new tab; just close the tab when you're done. You can click back and forth on the tabs between questions.
  3. You can either type in the cell or copy and paste from the internet to the cell.
  4. Print when you are done´┐Ż-be sure your name is at the top!

Thanksgiving Holiday
Use this link to answer the next two questions.

  1. On what day is Thanksgiving celebrated?

  1. What is the date of Thanksgiving this year? (You may have to click a link to see the current year.)

  1. When is Thanksgiving celebrated in Canada? Click here to find out and to read more about the history of Thanksgiving in Canada.
    This site sometimes has really big ads. If you can't read the site content close the window and try to go to the site again.

  1. When did Thanksgiving become a National Holiday and who made the proclamation that made it a national holiday?
    Click here and scroll down to the bottom of the page to find the answer.

  1. Thanksgiving is all about being thankful. Click here and learn how to say "thank you" in another language.
    Be sure to put both the name of the language you picked and how you say "thank you" in that language!

Waving Turkey

Turkey Trivia
Make sure you are on the Turkey Trivia tab! You'll need to take the quiz!
Use this link to find the answers to the next four questions.




  1. What is a male turkey called?

  1. What is a female turkey called?

  1. How many feathers does a full-grown (mature) turkey have?

  1. What is the name of the skin that hangs from a turkey's neck?

Turkey Facts
Be sure you are on the Turkey Facts tab!
Use this link to find the answers to the next five questions.

  1. Where do turkeys sleep?

  1. Who wanted our National Bird to be a turkey?

  1. How fast can a turkey run?

  1. What could happen if a turkey looks up when it rains?

Thanksgiving History
Use this link to answer the next three questions.

  1. The Pilgrims came to America from what country?

  1. What was the name of the Pilgrim's ship?

  1. How long did the journey take?

Thanksgiving Feast
View the slideshow to answer the next four questions.

  1. What year did the first Thanksgiving feast take place?

  1. Who was the leader of the Wampanoag people?

  1. What was served at this feast?

  1. How long did the feast last?