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    What is HEROs?

    Lakeshore Elementary’s robotics team will consist of approximately twenty 4th & 5th grade students who have been selected to participate. Using four robots, purchased through a grant from Waste Management, students will learn how to use the computer to program a robot to complete a variety of tasks. They will also learn how to download the information to the robot so that, with a touch of a button, the robot will move around on the competition board, complete tasks and earn points for their team.

    As teachers, we want our students to think critically, solve problems independently and work cooperatively with others. The academic, social and personal benefits of participation in the robotics team occur while students seem to be just playing with robots. For students, the robots are exciting and challenging to both build and program. The cheers after a successful mission are delightful. This is not an easy process, which confirms our belief that children enjoy being challenged!

    In order to be eligible to participate on the Robotics Team, students must complete an application, be committed to working on a team and maintain consistent attendance to meetings. Once teams are established, students will work one day a week in preparing for the upcoming Ecobot Challenge.

    Here is a practice website for the software we use to program the robots. 

    Competition - TBD 2019

    All teams will compete in a series of missions that the students will have to accomplish and present to members of the community that work in an engineering or robotics field. They will go against other elementary and middle school teams across the district. This will be a Saturday event that is very exciting!


    The meetings will be scheduled after school on Wednesdays from 3:30 – 4:30, with possible Saturday meetings as we approach the competition date. There will be a “Build It” day on a Saturday in the near future. Dates and times for additional practice are to be determined.

    Becoming part of the Robotics Team

    Students completed a Robotics Team application and teacher recommendations were considered. 

    Additional Information

    Contact Mrs. Veron at shelly.veron@humbleisd.net or Mrs. Davila at katherine.davila@humbleisd.net if you have any further questions about this opportunity
    or the application process.