• 3rd 9 Week Plan (2019-2020)


    Unit 7b: Russia and Eastern Europe (1/7-1/22)

    Unit 7b Test                                                                                        1/22



    -The importance of the North European Plain (chernozem)

    -Settlement patterns due to climate

    -Difficulty with geography (warm water ports & permafrost)

    -History & the Climate (Napolean and WW2)

    -Human adaptation to Siberian climate

    -Demographic Trends of Russia

    -Russian History including the Kievan Rus, the Czars, The Russian Revolution, World War II, the Cold War

    -The satellite nations of Eastern Europe

    -The differences between Soviet and modern Russian Culture

    -The problems faced in the transition of Russia from a command economy to a market economy

    -Ethnic population issues in Russia and Eastern Europe (the former Yugoslavia)

    -Trans-Siberian Railway

    -Importance of the Oil and natural resource industries in Russia

    -Farming history in Russia

    -Pollution problems in Russia

    -Chernobyl Nuclear plant accident


    Unit 8: Sub-Saharan Africa (1/23-2/18)

    Unit 8 Test                                                                                          2/18



    -Physical Geography of the Great Rift Valley

    -Interior physical geography of the African continent

    -Difficulty with African rivers

    -Desertification of the Sahel & migration

    -Human modification of the physical environment (Lake Volta)

    -Natural resources and the control of those resources

    -Wildlife of the Serengeti Plain and endangered species (poaching)

    -Difficulties with food production and health care in Africa

    -First African civilizations

    -Bantu Migrations

    -European colonization and the slave trade

    -Independence for African colonies

    -South African Apartheid

    -Ethnic Cleaning and Civil War in central Africa

    -Religions of Africa

    -Arts of Africa

    -Family units of Africa

    -Styles of farming in Africa

    -African mineral trade including diamonds & ivory

    -The rise of e-commerce, communication, and modes of transportation


    -Barriers to African industrialization

    -Foreign investment in Africa economies

    -Famine and drought issues in the Horn of Africa (especially noting the rise of the warlord as a political figure)

    -Foreign involvement in humanitarian aid (including U. N. involvement in Somalia)

    -Destruction of the rain forest


    Unit 9: Southwest Asia, Central Asia, & North Africa (2/19-3/5)

    Unit 9 Test                                                                                          3/4 & 3/5



    -Physical geography affecting settlement patterns

    -Problems caused by rainfall in this region

    -Issues concerning farming in SWACANA

    -Land usage in SWACANA

    -Language and the Phoenicians

    -Diversification of economic activities

    -Early civilization history

    -Innovations and scientific advances of early civilizations and the Islamic empires

    -Rise of the three major religions

    -Why SWCANA is known as the crossroads of civilization

    -Discrepancy between the rich and poor in SWACANA


    -Independence movements

    -Creation of the state of Israel


    -Islamic Art

    -Jewish/Palestinian Conflict

    -Rights of women in many Islamic countries

    -Struggle between religious and secular sections of government in SWACANA

    -Central Asian countries independence from the Soviet Union

    -Environmental concerns in Central Asia