• Crowdfunding Process in Humble ISD

    Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project by raising funds through an online giving page. This type of fundraising is typically used for classroom-based projects. Many crowdfunding platforms are available online today. However, Humble ISD employees may use the following district-approved platforms: Humble ISD Education Foundation's Teacher Wish List, DonorsChooseAdopt-a-Classroom or Amazon Wish List. 

    If you are new to crowdfunding and need some guidance on which platform is the right fit for your project, take a look at this Guide to Crowdfunding!

    Employees should adhere to the guidelines below when posting online:

    • Postings that describe the purpose and rationale for conducting the crowdfunding campaign may not negatively reflect upon the district, its programs, and services, staff, or students.
    • All postings must comply with applicable federal and state student privacy laws.
    • Postings may not include identifiable student images without prior parental permission. 
    • Employees should not utilize platforms that provide cash payments to district personnel. (Ex. GoFundMe and SnapRaise)
    • All supplies and materials must be shipped directly to a Humble ISD campus.
    • All requested technology must comply with Humble ISD's Technology Policy. 

    Following the steps below will ensure your project has the proper campus approval prior to going public and is sound for implementation once funded. 

    The steps in the district's process for posting crowdfunding projects include: 



    Discuss your project with your campus/department supervisor and receive approval before posting this request online.

    If you are requesting technology, verify with your campus and/or district technologist to ensure technology items are allowable and approved for support within Humble ISD.



    If you are wanting to utilize Adopt a Classroom or  Amazon Wishlist complete the Intent to post online request for Amazon Wishlist and Adopt-a-Classroom, which serves as notification to the district that the campus administrator has approved the project being posted.  

    NOTE: DonorsChoose will notify your campus principal when your project is posted. You are not required to submit the Intent to post an online request form for projects posted on DonorsChoose. 

    The content submitted on this form should be the same content that is uploaded on approved crowdfunding sites. Supplies and materials on your Amazon Wishlist should be shipped directly to your campus. 

    If you are posting a WISHLIST on the Education Foundation's website, you can create your account here.  Once you create your wishlist, a copy is shared with your principal, and therefore, the above-referenced form isn't required.


    Create your project on Donorschoose.org, Adopt-a-classroom.org, or Amazon Wishlist.

    If you wish to post on a different site, please contact Melinna Lopez for approval. Content on your project page should be the same content you've submitted on the Intent to post crowdfunding projects form.  


    Promote your project. Share your list (hyperlink of your posted project) with parents and other stakeholders. 

    Consider asking your principal to include your Wish List on parent newsletters.


    If your Adopt a Classroom or Amazon Wishlist request has been funded, complete this form -  Amazon Wish list and Adopt-a-Classroom FUNDED Project Form.  

    NOTE: If your DonorsChoose request has been funded, your campus principal and bookkeeper will be notified by DonorsChoose. 

    If you created a Foundation Wishlist and it was funded, you do not need to complete an additional form. All donations made to the Foundation's Wishlist automatically go to Community Engagement.  

    Include communication from crowdfunding site that demonstrates your project has been funded. This documentation should include the amount fundraised or a list of items and materials you will receive.


    Share photos or videos of students utilizing the newly funded materials. Or, invite us to your classroom, we love to witness students in action. 

    Note:  Items received via crowdfunding or grants are the property of Humble ISD, and specifically, the campus named in the original request.  Principals reserve the right to retain all items received from crowdfunding or grants on their campus in the event the requestor transfers within the district. 

    If you have questions about this process please contact Melinna Lopez at Melinna.Lopez@humbleisd.net or 281-641-8141.