• Want to Join NEHS?   

     <the application deadline for Fall 2019 has passed>


    Why join?

    • Interest in English/Language Arts.
    • National affiliated organization
    • Looks good on college applications.
    • Academic Distinction.
    • Opportunities in English-related activities.
    • Graduate with honor cords.

     Membership Requirements:

    • Must have attended KHS for atleast one semester
    • Must have completed two previous semesters of any level English
    • Minimum overall grade average of 3.5/4.0
    • Minimum English grade average of 3.5/4.0
    • Can be taking any level of English to join (on-level, Pre-AP, or AP)


    Member Responsibilities:

    • Required to go to mandatory club meetings. Can only miss ONE meeting per semester.
      • Must fill out Meeting Excuse Form 24 hours in advance of meeting for absecence to be excused. 
    • Required to obtain 3 points per semester to remain in good standing.
      • Points are obtained through participation in club-sponsored activities


    • Members must pay an annual fee of $20
      • $10 goes to NEHS, the other $10 is club dues, which includes a t-shirt
      • Receive an official certificate and a pin at induction



    NEHS Informational Powerpoint