• Cafeteria Manager:  Ada Taylor               ada.taylor@humbleisd.net
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    Elementary School Breakfast:  $1.40                Elementary School Lunches:    $2.25

    Secondary School Breakfast:   $1.50                Secondary School Lunches:    $2.65

    Adult Breakfast:      $2.10                                  Adult Lunches                         $3.65

    Cafeteria News
    The Child Nutrition Department has purchased a new Point of Sale Cash register system. The new system has the capability to add the student's picture to the cashier screen so that the cashier knows that the correct student is using the account. In addition, the cashier can pull up a homeroom class roster with the student's pictures. This will help speed up the lunch service if the students in the elementary schools do not know their numbers. In order to have the pictures on the screen, we need the student pictures in color (JPG format) with the student ID number. If you would please put that information on a CD and give it to your cafeteria manager, we would greatly appreciate it.

    All the student's will use their student school ID numbers as their PIN number. Staff members will have new numbers; their old numbers will not work. All monies that were in last years cafeteria accounts at the end of the school year did transfer to the new system.

    Parents that wish to sign their child up for on-line payments must sign a permission form. This form will be available at the cafeteria and on the Humble ISD Child Nutrition website.

    Just a reminder that per Federal Guidelines, all students must receive a free and reduced meal application. The applications should have been delivered to your schools already. The student is not required to turn the application in. All students that were on the Free and Reduced Meal Price Program at the end of school will still receive those benefits for the first 30 days of this school year.