• Letter of recommendation request requirements:

    • It is beyond the second week of the school year (after 15 September 2017)
    • You have been Ms. L's student for at least one semester

    And, either

    • you feel like the work effort and quality you completed in my class represents your "best"
    • you struggled in my class but learned a lot about yourself 
    • you challenged yourself by taking my class and you are proud of the learning your achieved 

    Steps for getting a recommendation by Ms. Lunsford:

    1. At an opportune time, politely ask Ms. L if she will recommend you.  Be sure to use the word "please" in your request.  Nothing dooms your letter of recommendation fate more than demanding a letter from your teacher or asking at a time when the teacher is busy trying to teach or prepare for a lesson.  Keep in mind that the letters of recommendation are written outside of the school day, during your teacher's personal time.  You need to respect that and ask nicely.  You must use the word "please."  Preferably multiple times. No exceptions.
    2. If the answer to step #1 is yes, complete this form. Ms. L will only be actively writing letters for a few people at a time. If you are one of the current people for which a letter is being written, when you complete the form your name will be on a waiting list.
    3. Please complete the form questions to the best of your ability. The more effort you put into answering the questions, the more detail that can be included in your letter of recommendation.
    4. Submit your responses to the questions as soon as you can.  After submitting your responses to Ms. L, expect to wait at least 3 weeks before your letter is complete and submitted. (This means you need to plan ahead in the asking step!)
    5. Ms. L will submit your letter of recommendation directly to the college or common application. A copy of the letter will NOT be given to you. You will be informed when your letter has been submitted.