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    Shannon Kinniebrew   School Counselor                                                                  
    Starsky It is an honor and a privilege to serve all children at  Summerwood Elementary  I am focused on delivering resources that support a child's social and emotional well-being. Humble ISD Counselors utilize principles of the Great 8 as a tool to equip our students with resourcefulness, resilience, ambition, professionalism, and integrity. These characteristics are developed through life experiences and are teachable.
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    Telephone Number: 281 641-3007
    Email Address: shannon.kinniebrew@humbleisd.net

    Personal Responsibility  is our current Social Emotional Learning focus of the 2nd 9 weeks. Students of all levels are learning and discovering concepts related to Personal Responsibility .

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    • Remember important information 

    • Handle his/her belongings with care 

    • Serve an important role at home or school 

    • Encourage positive behavior in others

    • Prepare for school, activities, or upcoming events 

    • Do routine tasks or chores without being reminded 

    • Act as a leader in a peer group 

    • Get things done in a timely fashion 

    • Show care when doing a project or school work 

    • Follow rules

    1st 9 weeks Decision Making:  

    A child's approach to problem solving that involves learning from others and from her/his own previous experiences, using her/his values to guide her/his action, and accepting responsibility for her/his decisions.

    2nd 9 Weeks Personal Responsibility:   

    A child's tendency to be careful and reliable in her/his actions and in contributing to group efforts.

    3rd 9 Weeks  Self - Awareness 

    A child's realistic understanding of her/his strengths and limitations and consistent desire for self-improvement.


    4th 9 Weeks  Social Awareness 

    A child's capacity to interact with others in a way that shows respect for their ideas and behaviors, recognizes her/his impact on them, and uses cooperation and tolerance in social situations.




      Great 8 Skills 
     The Great 8 Skills (Social Emotional Learning)

    Attention Parents: I am looking:forward to interacting with and supporting our community in a variety of ways while we are taking precations to keep evryone safe. Please contact me  via email shannon.kinniebrew@humbleisd.net.

    Please see The links below it is a good conversation starter for your child about the COVID 19 Health Emergency targeted for students K-2nd Grade 



    More resources to come stay tuned 

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    "The Yucky  Bug" 


    Tips on how to Speak with Children about COVID 19 

    Remain calm and reassuring.

    Make yourself available.

    Avoid excessive blaming.

     Monitor television viewing and social media

    Maintain a normal routine to the extent possible.

    Be honest and accurate.

    Know the symptoms of COVID-19.

    For more information please visit 



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