SCHS Dual Credit Students, 

    Make sure you read the information below carefully, as missing the payment deadline will result in being dropped from your class by Lone Star College.  

    Summer Dual Credit Students - If you have not made payment by 5:00 pm on May 28, students will be dropped for Non-Payment from the course, and there will be no ability to re-register. 

    If you are only registered for Fall 2021 dual credit classes, make sure you pay by August 1, 2021. 

    If for some reason your waiver has not been applied toward your courses to drop the cost down, please reach out to Anthony.J.Seiter@lonestar.edu

    To pay online:
    Go to my.LoneStar.edu 
    To pay in-person:
    Visit the Business Office Payment Counter        
    SCC – Room 144
    Phone: 281.312.1581
    Fax: 281.312.1436

    A payment guide is included here as well at the link below.

    If you have not completed your requirements for the Dual Credit program, you are not enrolled, and this does not apply to you.

    Feel free to reach out if you have any questions moving forward from either your personal or LSC Email, I cannot reply to your ISD email account.

     Attached are a few start-up files to get set up for your 06/07/21 start date if you are taking the Dual Credit Summer Academy or Summer Session classes.  

    Click here and review these important files for your classes.  


    Thank you,

    Toni Seiter, Program Coordinator – Dual Credit, LSC - Kingwood


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