• Humble ISD Voluntarily Tests for Lead in Water 

    Parents depend upon schools to keep children safe in all ways. Although not required, Humble ISD chooses to voluntarily test for lead in the water at each of our schools. All tests indicate that the water is safe. In no case did levels reach 15 parts per billion, the EPA Action Level.

    According to the EPA, a lead action level of 15 parts per billion (ppb) is established for one liter samples taken at high-risk residences. The 15 ppb is a trigger for treatment, rather than a health-based or exposure level.  If more than 10 percent of the samples at residences exceeds 15 ppb, system-wide corrosion control treatment may be necessary.

    That was far from the case in Humble ISD.

    With more than 40 Humble ISD schools tested, the highest level was 7.8 parts per billion and well below the EPA Action Level.

    Test results from every campus may be viewed here: