• A brief explanation of how we plan our dances at KHS, 

    and why they aren't always "traditional...old-fashioned dances."
    We've heard it for years:  "When I was in high school, our dances were always on-campus."  
    We are unique to Humble ISD and most schools across the state in that our school dances are off-campus. 
    While many schools across the nation are canceling school dances, KHS continues to successfully sponsor them.  In fact, so many of our students attend the dances, the school cafeteria or gym are not large enough to safely handle the numbers. The school a/c cannot keep the room cool, and the crowds are just terribly large.
    From a KHS grad: "I remember my senior homecoming dance in 2003. It was sweaty and gross. My (expensive) hairdo was totally ruined. If anyone complains about not having it on campus, send them my way. I will vouch first hand!"
    The closest facility large enough and available for us is the Humble Civic Center.  We have to book the Civic Center ONE YEAR in advance.  We booked Sept. 15th for the Bad 80's Dance and Oct. 6th of 2018 for Homecoming back in October of last year while were still at Summer Creek.  
    We give the dance dates to our football coach and he tries his best to schedule around them.  However, with 5 high school football teams sharing Turner Stadium...it doesn't always work out.  A few years ago for example, our Homecoming dance and game fell ON THE SAME DAY! Yuck!  However in 2015, the dance date fell on a BYE week for football, plus we had Monday off!  That was really nice, but again, it doesn't always work out the way we want it to.
    The Bad 80's dance and the Homecoming dance are from 8PM to 11PM.
    Why don't we have the Homecoming dance after the game?  Logistics.  Even our home games are actually "away" at Turner Stadium.  Often, our students don't return on the buses until 11pm from our home games.  Then, of course, the building is not large enough to hold the numbers of students that attend the dances.
    The 80's dance tickets are $20.00 each. The Homecoming dance tickets are $40.00 each and the same $40.00 each at the door.
    Why are Homecoming dance tickets so expensive?  It costs a lot of money to rent the Civic Center (currently around $8K but going up annually).  Add in the cost for DJ, drinks and security, etc., and it quickly adds up.  However, we have the same Homecoming dance prices as most schools in our district. 
    While many schools do not, we always give out a Homecoming dance "souvenir" to our students. 
    Additionally, the school dances are Student Council's main fundraisers.  Any profits go back to the school in the form of deposits for the next dances, Homecoming week activities, maintaining the sound system, pep rallies, and other special projects that StuCo does for KHS.  That is really going to help out KHS this year as we continue to replace damaged items.
    Most schools that still have dances are charging $30-$40.00 each and their dances are in the school cafeteria.
    Who chaperones the dances?  All KHS dances are chaperoned by teachers and administrators.  In addition, we hire extra security officers for the dance. PARENTS DO NOT CHAPERONE OUR DANCES.
    Are beverages or food available?  We provide water bottles free of charge at our dances.  They are available in the glass-walled Special Events room.  All bottles must remain in the room and are not allowed in the main ballroom. We tried food and sodas in the past, but they were ignored.
    The Homecoming Dance is the only dance (except Prom) where you can bring an "outside-KHS" date.  Forms will be available for approval of dates.  However, dates are not required at any dance.  Many students come in groups or without dates.
    It's a TEXAS thing, ya'll!  A lot of the girls still wear Homecoming Mums of various sizes. The mums are usually purchased by their dates, family, or their group/club/organization.  Boys often wear a boutonniere to the dance.  They should check with their friends to see what the current trends are.  Mums will be worn on Homecoming Game Day of September 21st.
    Tickets are usually sold two weeks prior to the dance.  Tickets are sold online and at school... and we still offer tickets at the door.
    We hope that clears up any general questions.  If you have other questions, please contact us.

    Jamie Morris and David Knight

    Kingwood High Student Council Sponsors 
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