• Non-NHS Service Suggestions 

    Looking for service ideas for a non-NHS event?  Download the document below to review a growing list of Humble and Houston area non-profits and organizations that need your help!  Please make sure to specifically contact an organization or non-profit before you go to volunteer in order to verify a need for service and complete any volunteer application (if required).  Please email the service account if the organization on the list is not taking volunteers, if the contact information is incorrect, if you are not getting a response, or if you have an organization to add to the list.  We want to keep the list as accurate and up-to-date as possible!  This list should hlep you be more proactive in seeking out non-NHS point opportunities.

    Non-NHS Service Suggestions List

    *Don't forget to fill out a non-NHS preapproval form for the event before you go service.  You can download the preapproval form below.   

    Non-NHS Pre-Approval Form

    Option 1: Email the completed pre-approval form to the serviceahs@gmail.com at least 5 days ahead of the event in order to guarantee a response.  When you get a response, you need to print the approval email and attach it to your point form in order to get credit.

    Option 2: If you have a last minute opportunity or are walking by Gold house, you can get a hard copy pre-approval form signed by Ms. Williams or Ms. Spence.  You would need to attach this signed form to your point form in order to get credit.