• How E-lab works at the DAEP


    Elab works differently than the core classes at the DAEP


    1.  A student does intake.


    2.  The E-lab teacher will receive the student's schedule

         the home campus elective teachers usually do not

         change when a student is a assigned to the DAEP.


    3.  The E-lab teacher will e-mail the home campus teacher

         telling them that their student is at the DAEP and ask

         them for work.


    4.  We will receive the work from the home campus teacher.


    5.  We will record the work


    6.  We will give the work to the student.


    7.  The student will work on their assignments.  If the student

         needs help the E-lab teacher will assist them with their 



    8.  The student turns in their completed work.


    9.  The work is scanned and emailed back to the home 

         campus teacher.


    10.  When the home campus teacher receives the work,

          they grade it and puts the grade in the grade book.


    If you have any questions and/or comments please

    feel free to contact me at deborah.hartman@humbleisd.net