Welcome, students!

    My name is Jamie Lynne Hammonds. Although I have 14 years of high school teaching experience, this will be my first year at PACE, and I'm honored and ecstatic to be your English teacher and/or Advisor for the 2020-2021 school year!


Mrs. Hammonds with Baby Jack

About Me

  • Jamie Lynne Hammonds, M.Ed.

    Room 303, Extension 7439

    Google Voice #: 281-783-9935

    Email: jamie.hammonds  @humbleisd.net

    Courses: English II, English IV, and Business English

    Family: Wife to James and mother to Jack

    Interests: Reading, writing, singing, binge-watching TV, and food (especially queso)


  • Business English (non-Edgenuity-based course):

    This course is not offered as part of the Edgenuity online learning platform, so it will require in-class instruction and project-based-learning to show mastery of the content. Business English is an alternative to English IV, designed to enhance senior students' reading and writing skills in preparation for career & college readiness. Our focus will be on practical writing (such as resumes, cover letters, professional communication, and college-application essays) and on readings tailored as much as possible to students’ chosen career paths and real-world experiences.

    To my students: I understand the frustration often expressed by recent high school graduates that very little of what was taught in school has prepared them for the challenges of the career & adult world; this course is specifically designed to provide you with the practical skills you will encounter beyond school.

  • English II & English IV (Edgenuity-based courses):

    In addition to the content provided on the Edgenuity learning platform, you will be expected to complete in-class projects and/or written assignments and will meet with me regularly on an individual basis to revise and perfect these in order to show mastery of the content.

    To my students: It is my goal to help you move through the Edgenuity content as quickly and efficiently as possible while also showing that you have truly mastered the material. I want to see you graduate fully prepared for the reading and writing demands of the adult world, and I look forward to helping you achieve this goal in any way that I can.