• Daily Schedule

     Online Learning Schedule



    *Subject to change

  • Rules/Expectations

    Raise hand to talk

    Stay in seat/area

    Hands and feet to self

    Work quietly

    Be nice to others


     Automatic Stop Station Behaviors






  • Rewards/Incentives

    Our classroom rewards are based on a 5 point token system reinforced by a preferred activity or sensory break. Panther Perks are earned based on good behavior and are used to visit the panther perk store to buy tangible items.

  • Behavior Management

    Our classroom uses compliance training and impulse control sequences (Green is great, blue is a re-direction, yellow is 1-2 warnings, red is a time out).

    We will use Compliance Training and Impulse Control (Green is Great, Blue is a Re-Direct, Yellow I've been given 1-2 Warnings, and Red I had to go to Time Out).