• GT Identification Process


    All campuses in Humble ISD provide screening, identification, and services for Gifted and Talented students. The identification and selection of students are determined through a comprehensive, three-step process conducted by a committee that uses multiple and specific criteria. Parents and teachers have the opportunity to refer all grades K-5 students (new or returning) for GT identification; a parent referral/survey must be completed online through the district website. 


    2021-22 G/T Identification & Assessment Calendar




    Parent Meeting: Should I Refer My Child? 8/30, 6-7 PM


    G/T Referral Window 9/1-9/30 Link for GT referrals


    G/T Assessment Window I 10/1-10/29


    G/T Assessment Window II 11/1-11/30

    HOPE Scale Administration (Kindergarten) 11/1-11/12


    G/T Assessment Window III 12/1-12/17


    Selection Committee Meetings 1/3-1/14

    Parent Notifications (Sent from District) 1/21


    Spring Referral Window (New to District Students Only - Enrolled after October 1, 2021)  3/21-4/8


    Spring Referral Window (New Students)  3/21-4/8

    G/T Assessment Window (New Students) 4/11-5/11


    G/T Assessment Window (New Students) 4/18-5/18

    Selection Committee Meetings 5/19-5/24

    Parent Notifications (Sent from District) 5/25


    Spring Gifted and Talented Testing for students enrolled after October 1st

    The spring GT testing cycle is only for students who enrolled in Humble ISD schools after October 1, 2021. This includes students who transferred into Humble ISD after October 1st. 

    Spring Referral Window (New Students)  3/21-4/8

    G/T Assessment Window (New Students) 4/11-5/11


    *Subject to change



    Enrolling in Humble ISD from out-of-district

    Placement in the Humble ISD GT program is not automatic for students identified as gifted outside of Humble ISD. Appropriate documentation of previous placement from the sending district must accompany the incoming student. Without the appropriate documentation, the student’s placement may be reviewed by the Building Selection Committee. Humble ISD reserves the right to use its own standard procedures and measurements if there is any question regarding appropriate placement.


    Please contact Meghan Nimmo at (281) 641-2183 or mnimmo@humbleisd.net with any questions.