Thank you for all of your support, donations and words of encouragement in the days and weeks following Hurricane Harvey. We have done extensive work and still have some more to do to help our district fully recover. Thanks to YOU, we will get there.

    This video is for the multitude of donors throughout the United States who have reached out to us since Hurricane Harvey.  This video is also the Humble ISD Inspiring Moments video for November.  We are beyond grateful for your support during this time.  
    For a full list of donors, click here. 

    YOU help us be Humble ISD Strong!

    Abbie and Duncan Loviscky 
    Ablenet Inc 
    Addison Central School District in Vermont 
    AEG Affiliated Energy Group 
    AHS Av Production and Animation 
    Alicen Herrin `91 
    American Fork High School, American Fork, UT
    Ammon Family 
    Amy Barabas 
    Amy Gallagher 
    Andrea and Adam Fields 
    Andy & Marilyn Lee 
    April King-Davis
    Ashley and Tammy Reel
    Atascocita Community Church
    Atom Solutions LLC 
    Avonworth Key Club 
    Believe- Mk 
    Bill and Kathleen Giblin 
    Bill, Erin and Victoria Witmer 
    Bloomingdale Avenue School, Cranford, NJ
    Bob Bainbridge 
    Bobby Jo Skaggs 
    Booster Campaigns 
    Brian Peters 
    Bridget Donnelly 
    Bruce & Debbie Weaver
    Bryant Lee / Higher Expectations Church
    Calais, Maine Friends
    Cap Community Foundation / John Matejka
    Carmen Costa, Conroe, TX 
    Carrie Kauffman 
    Carrie Munson 
    Carroll ISD 
    Celia and Caleb Craig
    Chad Luce
    Charlotte Zmyslo 
    Cheryl Isola 
    Chip Crawford 
    Chris Yashar
    Chrissy Marusa 
    Christina and Dan Fravel 
    Christine Richer Raiser "59 
    Christopher Federico
    Cibola High School, Albuqurque, NM
    Cindy Ibarra 
    College of Liberal Arts and Sciences 
    Colonial Elementary School 
    Community Resource Credit Union 
    Compass Academy 
    Cori Downey
    Corinne Neeper 
    Crestridge Elementary 
    Crius Energy 
    Curtis Johnson
    Dana Mulligan 
    Dave & Kelly Lingenfelter
    Dawn Vandenheuvel
    Debra Howsmon 
    Deirdre Bauer 
    Denver Private Middle/HS 
    Diane Anderson 
    Diane Reed
    Dick's Sporting Goods 
    Donna Molina 
    Dorothy Gerez 
    Dotty and Gary Delafield 
    Doyle/Greenberg Family
    Dublin High School / Maryanna Swart
    e-Angels Incorporated, Lorraine Dierkes
    E.L. Ross Elementary, Cleveland, TN 
    Eagle Ridge Elementary/Paradise Valley School District 
    Ed Martinez 
    Elizabeth  Westerman
    Emily Riley 
    Erika Lunkenheimer 
    Esther Lauchle 
    Fraissinet Family 
    Frontline Education 
    Gap / Banana Republic Stores 
    Gary and Nicole Zembower 
    George Bowker 
    Giang Nguyen 
    Gildersleeve School
    Gina Swanson
    Girl Scout Troup WHE 
    Grace Church Humble 
    Granville Schools, Granville, OH 
    Greg & Sue Gaertner 
    Greg Harrison 
    Haldane Football Team 
    Happy Valley Optical, Inc. 
    Heather & Ray Martin 
    Heather Nanda 
    Heidi Arruda 
    Henderson Family 
    Henry and Linda Dumesnil 
    Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts
    Hillcrest Elementary School Council Rock School District, PA
    Hoener Family 
    Holiman Elementary ( San Angelo, TX) 
    Houston Museum of Natural Science 
    Hsia Family 
    In Honor Of Marty Rainbird 
    Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering 
    Jackson Grammar School 
    Jami, Aurora and Cashford Owen 
    Janice Himpele 
    Jason Mundy 
    JD & Maria Allen 
    Jean Dachnowicz 
    Jeff & Alice Schomer 
    Jeff & Jen Tranell 
    Jenna Schreiber
    Jennings Elementary and FBC Jennings
    Jerri Monbaron 
    Jessica Madormo (ONX) 
    Jill Boyer
    Joanna and Bob Jones 
    Jobe Family 
    John and Linda Swank 
    John Doyle 
    Jones Family 
    Julia Marie Close 
    Julie Rutter
    K's Motorsports / Deanne Franks
    Karen Bierman and Richard Plut  
    Kathy Howe - Ohlone Elementary School 
    Kay Gasowski
    Kellie Richardson Peden 
    Kelly & Laura Biggs 
    Kelly Green Wilkins 
    Kelly McCoubrey  
    Kelly Trinh
    Kids in Action
    Kim Eastwood  
    Kimberly Powell & David Gamson
    Knob Hill Elementary
    Kollat Family
    Krysia Haars
    Lacey Labruzzo
    Lake Houston YMCA
    Lamar Elementary/Middle
    Lander Elementary, Mayfield Heights, OH
    Laura Loudamy
    Legend High School, Colorado
    Leo Shen
    Linda Brock
    Lisa Daggett
    Logistics provided by GlobalTranz  
    Lori Morgan
    Lori Schallich
    Lorraine Meehan
    Los Alamitos Education Association
    Lynn Morrison
    Maribel De La Cruz
    Madison Traditional School, Phoenix, AZ
    Mardi McDonough
    Margaret Carpenter, Mother of Daniel Pfannstiel
    Marguerite & Doug Swope
    Mariposa School - Lancaster, CA
    Mark Fung
    Mary Dzuro
    Mary Jenn / Bill Dorman
    Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College
    Medford High School, Medford, MA
    Megan Carpenter
    Megan Landphair
    Meghan McGinty
    Meridian Brick/Boral
    Michael Chauvin & Wendy Bromenshenkel
    Michel Kameda-Henry
    Mike Robinson
    Michele, Wilson, & Nico Diaz
    Mike & Jean Moriarta
    Mike and Megan Weyandt
    Molly Martin
    Mr. and Mrs. Dutch van Veen
    Mr. and Mrs. Wyatt Earp
    Mrs. Ed Wilson
    Mt. Nittany Middle School and Mt. Nittany Elementary School
    Nancy and Herman Schopman
    Natalie Babitzke
    National Honor Society Portland High School
    National School Publick Relations Association, South Carolina Chapter
    Neighborhood Learning Center Of Niwot, CO
    New Caney High School
    New Hope Church
    Nicole Wayne
    Nora Marsh
    Norman and Kathleen O`Shaughnessy
    O`Donnell Family
    Oakmont High School, Roseville, CA
    Oaktree Elementary , Gilbert, AZ
    Office of Knowledge Enterprise Development
    Office of New Student and Family Programs
    Outback Steak House
    Pabitra Roy
    Paije, Josh, Emily, & Katelyn Davis
    Pam Adams
    Pamela Couch
    Parkside United Methodist Church, Camden, NJ
    Partners at N2 Learning
    Payless Shoes Atascocita
    Peter Buckland
    Postal Annex Plus
    Pragathi, Inc of Austin
    Prospect/Beacon Falls, CT
    Ramon & Sylvia San Pedro
    Robin Garcia 
    Robin Heim
    Ronald L Bane
    Rosanne Penn
    Sally Doten
    Salvia Family
    Sandy & Grant La Clave
    Sarah & Burke Watson
    Sarah Gonzales
    Scenic Park Elementary, Anchorage, AK
    Scott Reynolds
    Scott Schneider
    Sebeka Public School, Minnesota
    Shaan Grover
    Shane Couture
    Showcase Kingwood
    Simon Family, Ridgefield, Ct
    Skillsoft Corporation
    Smith Family
    South Shore Regional School District
    Southside Junior High School (Louisiana)
    Standard Chartered Bank
    State College Area School District
    Stephanie Harm
    Susan Canaday Bormann
    Susan Ellington
    Susan Rampacek Wilson
    Synergy Bank
    The Blake Family 
    The Diaz Family
    The Direnzo Family
    The Dolan Family
    The Fahlin Family
    The Finkle Family
    The Franciosa Family
    The Graham Family Ct
    The Granville Family
    The Greene Family
    The Hernandez
    The Katsouros Family
    The Kipp Family
    The McGillivray Family
    The Parizek Family
    The Patterson Family
    The Sophomore class of 2020, Mrs. Swart and Mr. Stover
    The Stoner Family
    The Terry Family
    The Thurley`s
    Tom, Jody, Jacob and Abbey Whipple
    Tomlin-Yabiku Family
    Traci Cooper
    Transyvlania County Schools
    Travis Swanson
    University of Arkansas
    Upper Dublin High School
    US Air Force, Lt. Col. Peter Kulis, San Antonio
    Vans "Off the Wall"
    W. P. Carey School of Business
    Wal-Mart Humble
    Walnut Elementary School
    West Islip School District
    Western Branch High School, Virginia
    WhiteHat Security
    Winthrop, MA
    Yerka Family