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    Welcome to Dance 1


    In Dance 1, we cover the basic fundamentals and principles of dance. Throughout the year, we have units on ballet, modern, jazz, hip-hop, original movement, and performance. A group of 14-20 students are selected every year to participate in DEAL (Dance Educators Assessment of Learning), which is the current state assessment for Dance 1. Students actively participate by learning movement skills within each style of dance. At the end of the Fall semester, we have a choreography project (the students begin putting together their own dance sequences), and at the end of the Spring semester, all students perform in the dance department's Spring Show. Please e-mail or stop by for more information.


    Schedule for the Year

    Semester 1:

    • 1 week Introduction & Procedures
    • 2 weeks Fitness & Anatomy
    • 6 weeks Ballet
    • 6 weeks Jazz
    • 3 weeks Original Movement & Choreography Projects
    • Finals week: Presentations

    Semester 2:

    • 1 weeks Review
    • 4 weeks Modern & Contemporary
    • 4 weeks Hip Hop
    • 6 weeks Performance Prep / Spring Show
    • 3 weeks End of Year Projects
    • Finals week: Presentations




    40% Participation
    60% Test/Projects


    100 Dressed out and participating for the entire class
            20 pts deducted for incorrect top
            20 pts deducted for incorrect bottoms
            10 pts deducted for incorrect shoes
    50 Not dressed
    50 Not participating
    0 Not dressed and not participating


    Dress Code

    Every student is expected to change and dance every day. The only clothes that are acceptable to dance in for class are below. Appropriate attire is part of your grade. Absolutely NO jeans (even if stretchy), shorts, crop tops, spaghetti straps, or anything else that is not on this list or the official school dress code list. Any student not within school dress code will be sent to the office. Additionally, no excessively large or loose jewelry, as it can become a safety hazard in this class.


    • Black or dark colored fitted T-Shirt
    • Black or dark colored tank w/ 3 fingers width for straps
    • Black or dark colored fitted sweater


    • Black or dark colored leggings
    • Black or dark colored fitted sweats
    • Black or dark colored fitted joggers
    • Black or dark colored jazz/dance pants
    • Black or dark colored yoga pants


    • Barefoot (may cause issues when we get to turns)
    • Jazz shoes; style does not matter
    • Ballet slippers; color does not matter
    • During modern/contemporary, socks may be worn without shoes
    • During Hip Hop, athletic shoes are preferred

    Hair should be secured out of the face, such as:

    • Ponytail
    • Bun
    • Half up / half down
    • Headband


    • Sweaters may be worn during warm-up
    • Loose sweat pants may be worn during warm-up
    • These must be removed once the unit has begun


    Spring Show

    Students must pass ALL OF THEIR CLASSES to participate; if this requirement is not met, the student will have to write a 4 page research paper AND presentation on dance. Dancing in the spring show is not optional; it is a major grade. We would love to have everyone dancing and showing what we have worked on throughout the year, so make sure you keep up your grades! Spring Show is always the first Friday & Saturday in May.