Tips and Resources

  • School SuppliesSchool Supplies
    Families in need due to Hurricane Harvey or other circumstances should contact their school counselor to inquire about additional school supplies or community resources.

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Whole Child Heros

Tips for SUPPORT

  • -Give kids opportunities to ask questions

    -Keep answers short and simple

    -Clear up misunderstandings

    -Accept feelings of anger, sadness, and frustration without refuting or making promises you can’t keep

    -Remain calm and react slowly

    -Be patient with yourself

    -Emphasize that school is a safe place

    -Teach coping and stress relief skills

    -If a child has difficulty expressing emotions, allow them to draw a picture or tell a story

    -Spend some extra time with struggling family members

    -Re-establish or create opportunities to build relationships and establish community connections

    -Provide stability and routines

    -If routine is interrupted, explain ahead of time why and, if possible, allow kids a chance to help with creating a new plan for the day

    -Refer struggling students to their school counselor(s)

    -Monitor and limit exposure to storm media coverage