• Q. If KHS is going to share with another campus, why can't it be Kingwood Park High School since it is closer?

    This was the first consideration; however, KPHS does not have the capacity to hold all KHS students. KPHS was built for 1,600 students. Kingwood Park High School’s 5A campus cannot fit 2,782 students.

    Q. Why can't AHS serve KHS students?

    There are more than 3,500 students at AHS. Traffic in the parking lot and along West Lake Houston Parkway, especially at arrival and dismissal times, makes it unrealistic to bring another 2,782 students onto campus.

    Q. Can't we just bring in portable buildings?

    There are no portable buildings available. KHS would require at least 50 portable buildings for classrooms. January is the earliest that Humble ISD could receive any, and supplies are even more limited than before due to the increased demand brought on by Hurricane Harvey.

    Housing an entire school in portable buildings presents the following logistical challenges:

    • Physical space to put 50 portable buildings
    • Lack of bathroom facilities
    • Lack of kitchen facilities to provide meals
    • Difficulty in meeting specialized needs such as science labs, fine arts classrooms, and career tech classrooms  

    Q. How will Kingwood High School students get to and from Summer Creek High School?

    Bus transportation to and from SCHS will be provided to all KHS students. 

    Q. Can Kingwood High School students park at Summer Creek High School?

    Yes, there is enough parking for all students.

    Q. How long will Kingwood High School be displaced?

    It could take the full school year to restore Kingwood High School.

    Q. Will meals be available?

    Breakfast will be served to SCHS students prior to classes starting at 7 a.m. The cafeteria will serve lunch from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. for all students to have lunch on campus.

     Q. If schools are splitting their schedule, do teachers still work full time?

    Yes. Principals will be providing details to all staff.

     Q. Can I transfer to a different campus?

    The International Baccalaureate Program at Humble High School is accepting applications. All other campuses are full.