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    Throughout the year we will be working on sight words. We ask that you help your student ,and us, by practicing these at home, too. Your student will be tested on each list and must get 100% before they can move on to the next list. Also, it is crucial that they see their words and just know them/memorization. If they are sounding the word out, then they are still working on them, which is great! Anytime you believe your student is ready to be tested, please notify me and I will test them on Monday or Friday. I ONLY test on sight words on Mondays and Fridays as the other days are devoted to different literacy groups. Finally, ALL sight word clubs will be closed on Friday May 3rd, 2018 as we will be wrapping up our clubs for final report cards.


    1st Sight Word Club - Popcorn Club

     Click HERE to download the list ------>Popcorn Words            &    Popcorn Flash Cards

    2nd Sight Word Club - Rainbow Club

      Click HERE to download the list ------>Rainbow Words            &    Rainbow Flash Cards

    3rd Sight Word Club - Goldfish Club

      Click HERE to download the list ------>Goldfish Words            &    Goldfish Flash Cards

    4th Sight Word Club - Zoo Club

      Click HERE to download the list ------>Zoo Words                &    Zoo Flash Cards