• Class Grading 

    Your class grade is calculated against a high academic standard, appropriate for a college level course.  You earn your grade; Ms. L does not “give” grades.  Grades will be updated and posted on-line on a regular basis.  The final grade for the class will not be a surprise to you.  Ms. L DOES NOT ROUND GRADES (you are given ample opportunity to go “above and beyond” to raise your grade). 

    You will earn points in this course based upon scores in the following categories: 

    Summative (70% of each 9 weeks grade) 

    Summatives grades include: 

    • Tests and quizzes. Quizzes are at the end of each unit, tests are at the end of every 9 weeks.
      • In all classes, tests will be cumulative, meaning any material we have learned for the whole year (or two years) is fair game on a test. Tests will be a mixture of multiple choice, short answer, and essay questions.
      • In IB Bio 1 classes, tests will be structured to look like a proper IB exam.
      • In IB Bio 2, tests will be actual released exams from prior years.
      • In IB ESS, tests will be a case study pertaining to our course of study thus far.
      • In IB Biology 2 and IB ESS, tests are adjusted according to the most recent release of the IB subject report in biology.  The raw test percentage is used to determine an IB grade (1 through 7).  Students who earned a 7 on the quarter test will have a 100% score in the school grade book.  Students who earned a 6 will have a 90%.  Those with a 5 will have a 80%.  A score of a 4 will depict an 75% in the school grade book and a score of 3 will earn an 70%.  Students who earned a 2 on the test will earn a 65% and those who scored a 1 will have a 60% in the class grade book.
    • Lab Work  Collectively, lab work will count for one summative grade. Lab work will be graded on 3 criteria:
      • Student conduct in the lab - does the student follow safety rules and work responsibly?
      • Lab notebook completion - has the student completed all lab work, data collection, and analysis? Lab reports will be considered part of the lab notebook, even though they are not physically in the lab notebook.
      • Lab practicals - Students may be tested on their ability to identify microscope slide images, based on information we have learned in class. These practicals are worth half of a normal test grade.
    •  Binder Checks -- the quarterly binder check counts as one summative grade. 

    Formative (30% of each 9 weeks grade) 

    Formative grades include:

    • Homework. Homework makes up 20% of the 30% figure. 
    • Classwork. Classwork makes up 10% of the 30% figure. All daily work and assignments completed throughout the course are considered class work. Any “Above and Beyond” work is also in this category. A major portion of the class work grade category is the notebook check.  Students are required to maintain a large (3”-4”) binder of all class work completed in class. The binders are checked once per 9 weeks for organization, completion, and accuracy.  Binder check sheets will list what needs to be in the binder. 

    Final Exams (20% of each Semester grade) 

    Semester final exams will be cumulative and consist of a mixture of question types. These exams will be in the same style as all other tests. Since all your tests are cumulative anyway, it should be no sweat :)