Why is this so important?

  • The Panther Band is an excellent and positive community filled with parents and students who possess a superior quality of character, a ferocious loyalty to the positive development of the program and an enormous sense for humor. We are in essence a family.

    Concessions is the largest fundraiser the band program benefits from. The monies raised go 100% back in the band program, benefiting each and every student from their start at KMS to the Seniors at KPHS. Funds raised help to purchase music, marching shows, instruments and their repairs and scholarships. The more money raised, the more the students benefit. This is your band family, helping us helps them.

    Being in a marching band, even if only for 1 year, will change a young person’s perception of music and the arts, critical thinking and problem solving, and social interactions. Band family members will develop bonds that they will have the rest of their lives.  As a parent, you can use the opportunity to help in the concession stands as a way to be involved in this activity with your child during this developmental time.  The students truly benefit from being able to know and see that parents participate with them and support them in an activity that will have such a large impact on their lives.