Humble Elementary Dismissal procedure information.

  • Humble Elementary is dedicated to student safety which requires a partnership with parents and guardians.  It is highly beneficial to our students' safety for the consistency of adults in maintaining student dismissal arrangements.  Here are the important reminders:

    • Dismissal changes must be made in writing via note/email or by calling the front office.  A child's verbal notification will not be accepted
    • Students will not be released from the front office after 2:45pm 
    • All car riders should have a pink car tag displayed on their windshield.  Students will be called to the car rider area located at the circle drive at the east side of the building.
    Dismissal Times
    3:20pm   Dismissal Begins
    3:35pm    Walkers/Bikers/YMCA Released
    3:45pm    Remaining Car Rider Students are sent to the Front Office

    Rainy Day Procedures
    • Humble Elementary will contact you by 3:00pm via text blast when dismissal is considered a “Rainy Day Dismissal”. 

    • On Rainy Day Dismissals, your child will be dismissed with the car riders. Please get in the line with the rest of the car riders through the early childhood wing located by the track, NOT at the front of the building.

    • Students will remain in their classrooms and wait to be called to the car rider area in the early childhood area.

    • The front of the building is reserved for daycare and special education buses.  Please use the regular car rider line and do not park at the front of the building.

    • We kindly ask that you do not come to the front office after 2:45pm.

    • We will release the remaining walkers/bikers after the car rider line is gone at 3:45pm.  Only after an administrator determines that it is safe (no lightning, no thunder, no heavy downpours). 

    • If we do not call “Rainy Day Dismissal” your child will be dismissed to their regular walking/biking location at the regular dismissal time.  

    • If weather conditions are too dangerous or they do not improve, walkers/bikers will remain at the school and office personnel will assist in contacting parents for student pick-up.