• Dual Enrollment OnRamps Physics 1 - Further resources available via Schoology
    The course is a unique opportunity for a student to be dual enrolled in both a college and high school class at the same time.  The OnRamps program is taught through the University of Texas at Austin and allows the student to experience college in the familiarity of a high school classroom.
    **Schoology login:  https://humble.schoology.com  (login using your school username & password) **
    We will use this platform for resources, announcements and high school grades.  
    You will find the app useful as well (for school enter "humbleisd" then school username & password)
    **Additional platforms utilized will include: Canvas Learning Management System, Quest, Learning Catalytics, OnRamps Portal
    Useful Resources / Links:
    1) OpenStax College Physics - FREE Physics textbook used in class
    2) Khan Academy-AP Physics 1  - tutorials & practice problems
    3) Flipping Physics  - web based video tutorials of various concepts
    4) A Plus Physics - web based video tutorials of various concepts