Book Login

  • McGraw Hill (MAth: Alg 1, Geom, Alg 2)

    Logging into your online book directions

    Step 1: go to MyHumble

    Login:hisd+first 3 of first name + first 3 of last name + last 4 of ID #

    password: humble+ 6 digit ID number

    Password 1st time:  date of birth (format: mmddyyyy Ex: 12252017)

    • If students have forgotten their password at any time, they can use these directions to reset their password via text message:

    • Passwords can be reset by ‚Äčall staff members at the campus using MyHumble.  Here is the link for directions:

    Step 2: Reset your password. Minimum password length is 8 characters and they must have at least one Alpha Uppercase letter and one numeric character in their password. Cannot use name in password or any part of birthdate.

     If you want to do this via text click on this link ( and follow the instructions given.


  • Step 3: Wait 24-48 hours to login to the textbook. The district upload must occur for McGraw Hill to recognize the new password. Mine worked overnight.


    To Log into the online book follow the steps below.

     1.  In order to access the textbook, the students need to go to the following web site:

      Google Chrome seems to be the best browser for accessing the book but others may work fine.

    2.  Their username and password are the same username and password they use to access the school computers.  Their username will be their student ID with the letters "hisd" in front of it and their password is the password they use to access school computers.  

    3.  Once they enter the site, they will need to click on the textbook and then on the eBook icon to enter the textbook.

    4.  To access the book from their cell phone, the students will need to go to the App Store, go to Search, type in either McGraw Hill or Connected and click on Connected McGraw Hill and get this app.

    If a student has a special circumstance that would necessitate their needing a hard copy of the textbook at home, the student will need to go through their house office to make this request.