• Google Classroom

    Why Google Classroom?

    Google Classoom is a tool that is alloted to us by the district.  This is a way for teachers, students and parents to communicate together, share information and keep up-to-date with what's going on inside the physical classroom!  Through Google Classroom, I can upload assignments, videos and notes to share with the students.  We can facilitate discussions inside and outside the classroom if students are struggling.  Assignments can be uploaded and sent directly to me through the classroom so that no more papers are lost or forgotten at home.  With all these benefits, why not use Google Classroom?!?


    How to Sign In?

    Every student gets a Google account through the district.  Your user name is going to be:  FirstnameLastnameLast4ofstudentid@humbleisd.net.  For example, your user name would look like SallyJohnson1234@humbleisd.net.  The password is the same as the password you use to login to the school computer.  If you forget your password, you can use these password reset using a text message instructions.  In order for you to use these, you must have already signed into your myhumbleisd.net account and inputted your cell phone number.


    Join your Class

    Next you must join your Google Classroom.  After logging into Google,  you need to access the Google Classroom app.  When in Google Classroom, click the plus sign in the upper right and choose join class.  Use your class code below to join your classroom!  Please let me know if there are problems!


    1st:  5zizqx

    2nd: 1pwf0w   


    4th:  58d2m9e      

    5th:  6hwswwq

    6th:  vlpbvf0      

    7th:  z2ndf80