• Visit Humble ISD’s Child Nutrition Webpage to set up an online account. This is the preferred way for parents to add money to their child’s account.  It also allows parents to monitor a child’s purchases. You can view and print monthly menus from here as well.


    A variety of snacks and frozen treats are available for sale at an additional cost in the cafeteria.


    Forgotten lunches or lunches dropped off by a parent will be placed on a cart for the child to pick up on his/her way to the cafeteria. 

    21-22 Grade Level Lunch Times
    Kindergarten     10:45-11:15
    First                 11:15-11:45
    Second             11:00-11:30
    Third                12:00-12:30
    Fourth              11:30-12:00
    Fifth                 11:45-12:15