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    SFE Dismissal Procedures 2019-2020


    The safety of our students is our primary concern during dismissal.  Please help us by

    • Following our dismissal procedures.
    • Not parking on the streets near SFE during our dismissal time from 3:15 to approximately 3:50.
    • Not using cell phones when in the school zone or in a car rider line.
    • Driving slowly and being observant of our walkers and bikers.

    Regular Dismissal Procedures

    • Students will be dismissed as a car rider or as a biker/walker. 
    • Car riders will need to be picked up through the car rider line designated for your neighborhood. Refer to SFE Traffic Flow Map.
      • Mills Branch Dr. - Woodstream, Riverpoint, and Royal Brook
      • Autumn Sage Rd.- Greentree, Riverchase, and Riverbend
    • Parents walking up to the car rider line to check out their students will be asked to go into the front office so their driver’s license can be checked. Once the ID is checked, a note will be given to the parent to take out to the teacher on duty.  The teacher can then release the student to the parent. 

    Rainy Day Dismissal Procedures

    • Rainy Day Dismissal will be called by 3:05 and will only be utilized when there is visible lightning, thunder or heavy rain. You will receive an email and/or text when Rainy Day Dismissal is called. 
    • Based on your selection on the DIsmissal Form that was submitted at the beginning of the year, students may be dismissed in the car rider line or released to a parent/designee as a biker/walker.
    • Students will not be permitted to walk/bike home alone on rainy day dismissal;  however, parents will be given an opportunity to select biker/walker as their rainy day dismissal. A parent/designee will pick up his/her student in this manner. Parents selecting this option will pick up their students at door #13 by the bike racks. 
    • Parents walking up to the front doors during rainy day dismissal will be asked to join the car rider line or wait until dismissal is completed to check out their students.