Español 5 AP 



           ¡ Bienvenidos a Español 5 AP Literatura y Cultura ! 

    Course Description: 

    The AP Spanish Literature course is designed to provide students with the learning
    experience equivalent to that of a third-year college course in Peninsular and Latin American literature and
    culture. The course will be conducted exclusively in Spanish and students are expected to contribute to class
    discussions, to analyze readings, write essays and listen to authentic materials almost exclusively in Spanish.

    This course covers the entire official AP Spanish Literature and Culture reading list.  The literary
    pieces are presented in chronological order. Students view works on the list using timelines to place the works
    within a historical continuum, with reference to geopolitical, socio-cultural, and socioeconomic contexts. 
    In addition, artistic works and movements, and various audio visual materials will be referenced in order to
    enrich the students’ analysis of themes, plot, character, stylistic features, genre, point of view, literary
    techniques, and narratives. 


    Course Content:

    The course will focus on the following themes:

    • Las sociedades en contacto
    • La construcción del género
    • El tiempo y el espacio
    • Las relaciones interpersonales
    • La dualidad del ser
    • La creación literaria 

    All the different periods included on the official list include: 

    • Medieval and Golden Age Literature – The texts reflect dramatic events in Spain’s history, such as
    the Reconquista, the exploration of America, and the rise and decline of the Spanish Empire. Topics will also
    raise questions about gender stereotypes and roles. This section provides an introduction to female writer Sor
    Juana Inés de la Cruz. In addition, the study of sonnets and romances introduces students to the verse form.

    • Nineteenth-Century literature  – Includes authors from Latin America and foreshadows the magical
    realism that characterizes some Latin American literature in the Twentieth century. Covering Romanticism,
    Realism, Naturalism and it also introduces “el Modernismo” with Rubén Darío.

    • Twentieth-Century literature  – The readings include authors from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean,
    the Southern Cone, and Central America. An American writer of Mexican heritage from New Mexico is
    included. Students are exposed to literary pieces of several women writers and the feminine voice in
    contemporary literature.

    The students will learn the definition and application of literary terms required to properly analyze all authentic
    literary texts. Students will read and analyze works of prose, poetry, drama, and construct essays using language
    appropriate to literary analysis.


    Schoology   All detailed information about this course (calendar, activities, assignments, etc.)  will be posted Schoology.