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    Rho Kappa is the only national organization for high school students that recognizes excellence in the field of social studies. The mission and purpose of the Kingwood High School chapter of Rho Kappa is to promote scholarship and to recognize academic excellence in Social Studies.

    Our Rho Kappa chapter was created to enhance the student's civic education at Kingwood High School and incentivize participation in Advanced Academics. The coursework requirements for membership reflect a commitment to the liberal arts and social sciences, which serve as the foundation of civic education. 

    Rho Kappa KHS had its first induction ceremony at Kingwood United Methodist Church in November 2017.

    Our 2018-2019 induction ceremony will be at Kingwood High School on October 1 in LGI 2210 at 6:00 PM.

    Dues for 2018-2019 will be $10. Please pay your dues using RevTrack on the KHS website. 

    Sophomores and Juniors: Applications to join Rho Kappa for the 2019-2020 school year will be available spring 2019.

    Seniors: We will order honor cords for the Class of 2019 graduation ceremony in February 2019. 

    Rho Kappa t-shirts can still be purchased in Room 2113!


    Members are invited to contribute original writing to the newly launched multidisciplinary journal Virtu. The first edition will be published early February and the second edition in late April and/or early May.


    Virtu (Volume 1, Issue 1) 

    Virtu (Fall/Winter edition)


    Rho Kappa Point Sheet

    Points Sheet


    2019-2020 Membership Applications

    Rho Kappa Application (word doc)

    Rho Kappa Application (pdf)


    2019-2020 Officer Application - Due Friday, April 12 

    Officer Application


    9/25 Meeting Presentation

    Rho Kappa National Website

    Rho Kappa Constitution

    Officer Descriptions


    2018-2019 Rho Kappa Officers

    President - Jake Blizman, Class of 2019

    Vice President - Peyton Shamp, Class of 2019

    Secretary - Elizabeth Beatty, Class of 2019

    Treasurer - Boyi Shi, Class of 2019

    Publicist - Andrew Christy, Class of 2020

    Historian - Olivia Grohn, Class of 2020

    2017-2018 Rho Kappa Faculty Members

    Club Sponsor - Bryan Henry

    Teacher Website

    Room 1718

    Club Faculty Advisory Committee

    Patricia Sano, Patrick Ballay, and Joan McClung 




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