The Woodcreek Middle School Lions Choral Department

  • The WMS Choral Department is designed to offer a variety of vocal performing opportunities for our students throughout the year which allows them to enjoy creating music as well as being musically, emotionally & intellectually challenged. All choirs focus on students’ music reading skills and singing technique primarily through group singing. Team building and developing relationships within each choir and the department is an important aspect to our artistic medium. In addition to developing students’ musical strengths, students foster self-discipline, cooperation & commitment as they work together to demonstrate excellence through music!

    The WMS Choral Department was founded in 2010 and since the time it was founded has had a rich history of top-notch, award-winning choirs that consistently earn top honors at UIL and TMEA events, as well as at other high-stakes competitions. The four choirs of the WMS Choral Department are as follows:

    1) Cub Choir (6th grade girls & boys) Beginner level

    2) Girls Treble Choir (7th & 8th grade girls) Beginner level/Sub Non-Varsity

    3) Dolce Chorus (7th & 8th grade girls) Intermediate level/Non-Varsity

    3) Adagio Chorus (7th & 8th grade boys) Intermediate-Advanced level/Non-Varsity

    4) Bel Canto Chorus (7th & 8th grade girls) Advanced level/Varsity

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