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    BANQUET 2019

    You can show your team spirit by proudly displaying a team decal on your car, a sign in your yard or commissioning a custom KHS Running Mustang horsehoe to be painted on your driveway. 

    You may also purchase KHS XC logo sportswear and equipment through our Fan Cloth Store.  

    All proceeds from the sale of spirit items go directly to the KHS Cross Country team and will be used to help reduce ticket prices for the Fajita Mile and the Banquet as well as and support other team activities.

    Use the Paypal buttons below to select the items you would like to purchase.  Click on the "View Cart" button at the bottom to review your order and complete your purchase.

Activity fee 2019
Athletes First and Last name
XC Yard Sign
Athletes Name

CC Driveway Sign
CC Yard Sign
Driveway paint
Athletes name

XC Car Decal
XC Car Decal
Athletes Name