• Curriculum

    • Our curriculum follows the state mandated TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills).
    • Math: Number Talks Daily/Envisions/Investigations
    • Science:Hands on/Integrated



    2nd Grade uses standard based grading on a scale of 1-4, with, 4 being the highest achieving.   


    Positive Behavior Management System

    • We believe in positive reinforcement and redirection. If we have any behavioral concerns will be communicated through email or a phone call.  Fake money can be earned for great behavior. The Classroom store will be offered every Friday for kids to shop for Pawsome behavior, Any donations are greatly appreciated.
    • Following school and classroom rules = Percy Points!!  These can be cashed in for rewards and privileges. 



    • The front office phone line is 281-641-3600.
    • My classroom line is  281-641-3681.

    o       Please note that classroom lines go straight to voicemail during the day.  

    • The best way to get a hold of me is through our Bloomz app or school email.

    o       My email: michelle.dismuke@humbleisd.net 

    District and ASE Policies

    • Birthdays: The only food item allowed for birthdays is ice cream purchased for the whole class in the cafeteria or a store bought treat with class food allergies taken into consideration.  Tickets can be purchased at the beginning of lunch and passed out to the students.  Non food items are also permitted. 
    • Sign-in:Adults MUST sign in using their driving license to receive a visitor’s badge.  You will be stopped if you are not wearing a badge as the safety of the students is a priority!  Students can only be signed in and out at the front office, with the exception of party days.
    • Read over the discipline and dress code sections of the district handbook.  These items are enforced.  The most frequent elementary dress code violations: short shorts, shirts that expose midriff, girls’shirts with spaghetti straps, boys’ sleeveless shirts, head coverings, and inappropriate PE shoes.
    • Medication:Your child cannot transport medicine to and from school.  An adult must drop off and pick up the medicine in the clinic if it is to be dispensed at school.  The meds also must be in original containers.
    • Students arriving between 7:30-7:55 will be asked to report to the gym room where there will be teacher supervision .Students are tardy at 8:05 and will need a tardy admit slip from the office.
    • Dismissal:  Whatever dismissal routine you designate at the beginning of the year, we must follow unless you change it in writing.  I need a written note, Bloomz message or an email stating the change in dismissal. The best way to reach me the fastest is through the Bloomz App.


    • Lunch:Your child will have an ongoing account and account number.  Please help your child learn their number.  Be sure to keep accounts current or send money whenever your child is buying lunch.  Please be aware that the cafeteria offers extra food items that can be paid for with their account.  Your child is responsible for telling you if their account is low.  If you bring lunch to your child, you may not provide lunch for any other students.  This includes class pizza parties.