• Immunization Requirements


    The State of Texas requires students to be up-to-date with their immunizations to be enrolled in a public school. When you submit your child's immunization record, please be sure to have a doctor verify the immunizations by signing or stamping the record. Immunization records must be verified in order to be accepted.


    Moving from out of state: If you are moving to Texas from out of state, please note that your child may need additional immunizations even if they were current in the state where you are moving from. States do not all have the exact same immunization requirements.


    Exemptions: Medical exemptions and affidavits for exemption for reasons of conscience must be kept current in order to be enrolled. If an exemption expires, your child will be asked to remain out of school until the necessary documentation is updated.


    Catching up: If your student is on a catch-up schedule to receive immunizations, immunizations must be obtained at the scheduled time. This could mean that your child needs immunizations fairly often. If immunizations are not kept up-to-date as often as possible, your child will be asked to remain out of school until they have had the needed immunization(s).


    Please reference the following for the Texas Pre-K and Elementary vaccine requirements:

    Immunization Requirements 2022-2023