• Susan K. Mitchell
    Picture of Mrs. Mitchell on a bookshelf ladder.
    All About Me ...
    Ah, yes ... here we unlock the mystery of ME!  I graduated from the University of Texas - Austin (HOOK 'EM HORNS)  with a degree in English Literature. I became an elementary teacher in 2009 and spent most of that time teaching 4th grade English Language Arts. Now, I am starting a new chapter as the librarian here at Groves! Right now, I am getting my Masters of Library Information Science at the University of North Texas in Denton (Go Mean Green!). The best part of being a librarian is that I am STILL a teacher. I get to take my two favorite things - teaching & books and do them together. AWESOME!   
    One other job I have is that of author.  Don't believe me?  Go check Amazon or Google :)  Type in Susan K Mitchell - don't forget the K. No, seriously ... go check.  I'll wait right here.  Good!  You're back.  See?  To date, I have written more than 30 books for children.  It is a fun perspective to bring to the classroom when I teach writing.  Want to learn more?  Click Here!
    Away from school, my life includes being married to my wonderful husband, Joseph.  I also have two stunning, smart, spectacular daughters who are both former Humble ISD students.  I like, no wait ... LOVE to read.  My family and I also enjoy going to the lake, playing cards or dominoes, riding with my husband on his Harley motorcycle, and watching movies.
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