Address Affidavit

  • Attention Wildcat Parents and Students:

    If both parent and student live with a relative or friend in Humble ISD, whose residence is not an apartment, the parent and the person with whom they reside must submit a notarized statement verifying the residence. A Verification of Address Affidavit form is available at every campus. Please be aware that a meeting will take place with a Campus Administrator, the homeowner/renter, the guardian and the student. Please review the following updated District Guidelines. 

    Updated Address Affidavit Requirements:

    • Parents must have a current driver’s license with an address matching the residence address of the address affidavit in order to provide proof of residency.

    • The address affidavit form must be notarized. Campuses will not notarize the form for the parent.

    • The parent, homeowner/renter, and student must meet together in person with a campus administrator in order to review documentation.

    • At the meeting, the homeowner/renter must provide the following:

      •  A current driver’s license with an address matching the residence address of the address affidavit. If the homeowner/renter does not have a valid Driver’s License that matches the address on the proof of residence documentation, the process will not move forward.
      • Proof of residency in the form of a current lease agreement or current electricity, water, or gas bill, dated within 30 days of the meeting.

        • If presenting a lease agreement, both the parent and the student must be listed as occupants on the lease agreement. Verification with the landlord may be required.

    At the meeting, the following will be reviewed:

    • Humble ISD will conduct home visits, bed checks, property owner investigations, among other steps, to verify that the student resides at the address listed on the address affidavit.

    • If Humble ISD is unable to verify residency, both the homeowner/resident and parent may be subject to criminal charges. The student will be subject to immediate withdrawal.

    Parents must schedule an appointment to complete the Address Affidavit request for the 2022-2023 school year. Address Affidavit paperwork can be obtained from the campus only; it is not available online. Please call 281-641-6307  for assistance.