•  Creekwood Middle School


    Plans for a new middle school were reviewed by the School Board on Januay 26, 1979, to be located on a 23 acres site at the corner of Lake Houston Parkway and Sandy Fork Drive.  The initial plan is for the school to serve 1,500 students.

    In March 1979, the School Board looked at several designs for the new building, including a two-story design. However, they opted for a one-story building design.  By June 26, 1979, the site had been cleared, and construction was expected to last 16-18 months.

    Norris Contractors, Inc. were awarded the contract to clear the land at $799.50 per acres (total of $17,589).  For the building itself, Joe Rodgers Contractors (the low bidder) was awarded the contract with a base bid of $5,766,944.

    On November 13, 1379, the School Board decided to name the new middle school Creekwood Middle School, based on the name of a nature center called Creekwood that the Friendswood Developers had originally planned near that location.

    The concrete slab for the school was poured in February 1980. By the end of March 1980, construction was about 30 days behind schedule due to bad weather.

    The color scheme for the school was approved by the School Board at the May 13, 1980 meeting.

    On February 23, 1981, the School Board accepted the building as substantialy complete.

    Industrial Arts equipment was purchased for $76,327.79.  150 jackets for the band were also purchased for $10,944.