• Not sure if you should refer your student for Gifted and Talented testing? Confused about what "gifted" or "high achieving" means? Please check out this information presentation from our Advanced Academics department. 


    All campuses in Humble ISD provide screening, identification, and services for Gifted and Talented students. In order for a student to be identified as Gifted and Talented (GT) in Humble ISD, data from several quantitative and qualitative criteria are collected over a four-week period to identify students who exhibit potential and/or perform at levels significantly beyond the norm in areas of superior cognitive ability and/or specific academic achievement.


    2018-2019 GT Referral and Assessment Calendar

    1. August 20th- September 21, 2018

    -GT referral window opens- parents and teachers have the opportunity to refer students (K-11) for GT identification.

    Parent permission to test forms must be returned and parent surveys must be completed. 


    2. September 24- December 19, 2018

    -GT assessment window opens for all referred students. 


    3. February 1, 2019- GT services notification letters sent home


    4. March 1, 2019- Kindergarten services begin. 


    5. August 2019- 1st through 12th grade GT services begin.


    **Please complete the online GT Referral Request Form to refer a student.  Once completed, parent permission to test and a SIGS Home Rating Scale will be sent home with your child to be completed and returned. MFor more information or to discuss a request to test a student for the Gifted and Talented program, please email Lindsey Norton at lrnorton@humbleisd.net 

    For more information about the Gifted and Talented program, please visit Humble ISD Advanced Academics webpage





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