•  North Belt Elementary School


    The board approved the purchase of ten acre site from J. H. Wilkenfeld on North Belt Drive for $2,000 per acre in December 1966.

    North Belt Elementary land

    North Belt Elementary land

    In January 1967, the school board approved the preliminary plans for the 14-room elementary school.  It would later be expanded to 20-classrooms.  The preliminary plans show a building of 28,800 square feet.1

    Artist Rendering, North Belt Elementary

    Final plans for the schools were approved in February 1967.  The building plans were prepared by architects Joiner, Coburn & King.2   The contract to construct the school was awarded to Marco Constructors of Houston for a bid of $419, 460. The contract called for the bid to be completed in 270 calendar days, which would put the opening of the school at mid-term of the 1967-1968 school-year. 3  The contract to supply the kitchen equipment was awarded to Commercial Kitchens for a bid of $21,527.4  The contract to furnish kitchen equipment and supplies was awarded to Gerber's Restaurant Supply Co., for $1,224.04 in January 1968.

    In September 1967, it was decided to name the new elementary school as North Belt Elementary.5  On January 16, 1968, the school board took a tour of North Belt Elementary, and accepted it as substantially complete.

    North Belt Elementary


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