• Hidden Hollow Elementary School


    Plans for Hidden Hollow Elementary School began as early as December 1988, when the School Board granted approval of the purchase of a ten acre site in the Mills Branch Village of Kingwood.  The district paid $21,810 per acre for the site, for a total of $218,111. 

    The construction plans for a new elementary school in Kingwood were approved by the school board in January, 1989.  

    In March 1989, the construction contract was awarded to Temple Associates for $4,087,000.  The contract to install the telephone system was awarded to Centel Commniucations in May 1989 for $38,576.

    Students at Greentree Elementary School and Elm Grove Elementary School participated in choosing a name for the new elementary school in Kingwood.  There were seven names on the ballot.  At a School Board meeting on March 20, 1990, Greentree student Philip Muller and Elm Grove student Lauren Thompson revealed the top four choices: Hidden Hollow, Rainbow Springs, Rocky Trails, and Spring Creek.  Of those four choices, the School Board decided to name the school Hidden Hollow Elementary.  At that same meeting, Janice Wiederhold, the Assistant Principal at Willow Creek Elementary School, was named as the new Principal for Hidden Hollow Elementary.

    The School Board took a tour of the almost completed building in June, 1990.

    The size of the school is 74,752 square feet.  The total site acreage is 10.74 acres.